Important Information

PowerTagesfahrten day ski trips always leave on time. We cannot wait for latecomers as we have a schedule to keep. This also applies for the journey back as we always leave at 16.30 on the dot!

No refund will be made if you do not turn up for your PowerTagesfahrten ski day trip. There will be no refund for unused tickets nor can a partial refund be made or cash be paid for the ski-pass!

It can be a spontaneous decision to book a PowerTagesfahrten ski day trip as you do not need to do it far in advance – even the day before you want to take a trip. For that reason, cancellations and changes, even in the case of illness, are not possible. Refund are not made on the trip costs or the ski pass price.

The snow situation, weather conditions, limits or reductions in lift operations due to storms, avalanche danger, etc. are due to no fault on our part. In the case of a PowerTagesfahrten ski day trip only being partly possible due to any of these reasons, no refund is made on the trip costs or price of the ski ticket. In addition, we reserve the right to change to a partner ski area depending on the snow conditions.

If you are under 18 and travelling alone, you must present a consent form from your parents or guardian, without being asked. These forms are available at our booking offices or here. If you do not show the consent form before departure  you will not be allowed on the trip!

Passengers must look after their own luggage (skis, board, accessories, etc.) and valuables (money, mobile phone, etc.). The organisers accept no liability in the event of any loss.

Please show us a valid identity card or passport before you board the bus on every PowerTagesfahrt trip. No valid identity card or passport, then no trip!

You participate in a PowerTagesfahrten ski day trip at your own risk! Please read our General Terms and Conditions!