What can you expect on a PowerTagesfahrten ski day trip?

We offer you premium ski day trips to the best ski areas in the Alps. We organise day ski trips from Munich and Nuremberg  every weekend from January to April, in which the bus journey, day ski pass, our generous service pack and the experience of our PowerTagesfahrten representatives are all included. You can find out the dates on each town’s schedule. PowerTagesfahrten ski day trips can be booked online, at SINBAD-REISEN in Munich and in Nuremberg at FUN & SPORT TRENDSPORTS and at NEUKAM REBA.  PowerTagesfahrten offer you the opportunity to get to know new ski regions  with no hassle. You are saved the stressful journey to the ski region, the queuing at the lift cash desk and can dedicate yourself to skiing and/or boarding. As we have many years of experience and reliable bus partners , you can rely on your PowerTagesfahrten ski day trip running smoothly and having a great time with us!

Our Service Pack:

You would like to have a fantastic day’s skiing, but you have completely forgotten about breakfast? No problem, we take care of it! For on a PowerTagesfahrten day trip you have the benefit of  our generous service pack. Take your seat on the bus and the first thing you’ll get from us will be hot coffee and fresh bakery products. What better way to start the day!
On both the journeys there and back, our PowerTagesfahrten representative will give out various snacks and drinks from well-known brands. And so that you stay up-to-date with what’s going on, there are the latest lifestyle magazines along with the current edition of the daily newspaper for you.

Our Target Group:

PowerTagesfahrten’s clients go for high quality and have high expectations. This applies both to the selection of ski areas and the running of the PowerTagesfahrten trip with all its included services.

Organisation matters:

In the interests of all those taking part, PowerTagesfahrten day trips always start on time and this is also the case for your return journey which leaves at 16.30 every trip. With your day’s ski pass and detailed information on the ski area, you can spend your day’s skiing just the way you like, but you must be back at the meeting point at the agreed time. You can get further information here.